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Table Ordering: A Modern and Seamless Dining Experience

Welcome to the future of dining with our innovative Table Ordering system. Enhance your guest experience by offering a contactless and efficient way to order and pay, all while minimizing wait times and ensuring smooth restaurant operations.

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Seamless Contactless Dining: Simplify and enhance your guests' experience with our Table Ordering solution.

Contactless Experience
Our Table Ordering solution provides a touch-free dining experience, minimizing physical contact and promoting a safer, more hygienic environment for your guests and staff.
QR Code Ordering
Using their smartphones, guests can scan the QR code on their table to access your menu, place orders, and request assistance. This streamlined process eliminates the need for paper menus and reduces wait times for a more satisfying dining experience.
Virtual Waiter / Waitress
The Table Ordering system serves as a virtual waiter/waitress, enabling guests to place orders and request assistance without waiting for a staff member to be available. This innovative feature enhances the guest experience and increases staff efficiency.
Bell Icon for Assistance
With the integration of a bell icon, guests can conveniently notify the waiter/server when they require help or have a query. This feature ensures prompt attention and assistance, resulting in a more enjoyable dining experience.

Touch-Free Dining

Minimizes Physical Contact

Our Table Ordering solution reduces the need for direct contact during the dining experience, promoting a safer environment for both guests and staff.

Hygienic Environment

By eliminating the handling of physical menus, our system enhances hygiene standards, ensuring a cleaner dining environment.

Seamless and Safe

With contactless features, guests can enjoy a smooth dining experience while maintaining a safe distance and minimizing unnecessary interactions.

Scan-to-Order Convenience

Menu Access

Guests can easily access your menu by scanning the QR code on their table using their smartphones, enabling them to explore the available options effortlessly.

Efficient Ordering

The streamlined process allows guests to place their orders directly from their smartphones, reducing wait times and enhancing overall efficiency.

Request Assistance

Along with placing orders, guests can also request assistance through the QR code system, ensuring prompt support whenever needed.

Instant Assistance

Prompt Order Placement

The Table Ordering system acts as a virtual waiter/waitress, enabling guests to place their orders instantly without the need to wait for staff availability.

Efficient Service

By eliminating the wait time for staff assistance, the virtual waiter/waitress feature enhances service efficiency, ensuring a smoother and faster dining experience.

On-Demand Support

Guests can request assistance or ask questions through the virtual system, ensuring they receive the necessary support without delays.

User-friendly Request System

Quick Help Notification

Guests can conveniently notify the waiter/server whenever they require assistance or have inquiries by simply tapping the bell icon, ensuring prompt attention to their needs.

Efficient Staff Response

The integration of a bell icon allows staff members to respond promptly to guest requests, ensuring efficient service delivery and guest satisfaction.

Enhanced Dining Experience

By providing an easy-to-use method for requesting assistance, the bell icon feature contributes to a more enjoyable and hassle-free dining experience for guests.

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why nuvioo pos

  • Stylishly crafted hardware built to withstand the demanding restaurant environment.
  • Empower your restaurant with payment processing that provides valuable insights.
  • Seamless software that effortlessly grows with your business needs.
  • Real-time access to cloud-based reports for instant insights and data analysis.
  • Reliable terminals and offline functionality to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Enhance customer relationships with table-side ordering, payments, and digital receipts.

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